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If there's a Sean Maguire of the flute, it's Garry Shannon.  The eldest sibling in a celebrated musical family that includes younger sisters, Majella, Sharon and Mary, Garry has made two previous solo albums, Lose the Head! and Loozin 'air! Subtlety and understatement would not be his strong points; if an ornament or variation can possibly be accommodated, he squeezes it in somehow.  But like Maguire, he's got the technique to back up the flamboyance.  No matter how periliously close to the edge he strays, the control is always there.  Fellow flautists Kevin Crawford, Anthony Quigney and Niall Keegan all take turns at joining him for a selection of flute duets - or rather duels.  There's also a surprise vocal number in the form of Shannon's waggish "Flute Song", while the final pair of reels feature some lilting that's exceedingly silly...and exceedingly enjoyable.
"...first and foremost, a superb traditional flute player...
mature, innovative...great skill...."
"...Globalement Loozin 'air est un album exceptionnal, produit par un musicien hors pair..." - Philippe Cousin.
"...kan han med en ganske let tøven og en smidig bøjning af tonen næsten skabe en rytmisk dimension i musikken..." - Thorbjørn Sjøgren .
" vintage wine, which offers further delights the longer the bottle is open, and it'swell worth going back to..." - John Brophy.

Traditional music boasts countless players who never bother to chase headlines.  Clare flute player Garry Shannon (brother of both Sharon and Mary) releases his third solo collection with a distressing disdain for promotion, particularly when much of PUNCTURED! is a lithe-spirited thing of beauty.  His mastery of jigs and reels is exceptional, particularly on the jig set, Tarmac, his flute fluent in the eminently bearable lightness of being that the set demands.  Borrowing two tunes (including the sublime minuet Na Maithe Móra) from Michael Rooney, Shannon lets the flute breathe deep of the mood of each piece...Shannon sets the bar high and relishes surpassing it...

" ....Shannon's tunes are irrepressible exhibition pieces, with beautiful breath control, lip squeezing and tongueing..."
Mic Moroney

© Garry Shannon 2010